UMi helps Melanoma-Me enhance virtual support services for cancer patients

Melanoma-Me, a leading Gateshead-based organisation dedicated to supporting individuals affected by malignant melanoma, has used a grant of £1,000 from UMi to continue its vital virtual support services. The funding has enabled Melanoma-Me to combat loneliness, enhance mental health, and foster a sense of community among cancer patients and their caregivers. 

Thanks to the grant, Melanoma-Me has been able to provide 50 counselling sessions specifically tailored to those impacted by malignant melanoma. These sessions have been instrumental in addressing the emotional toll that a cancer diagnosis can have on individuals. By offering much-needed emotional support, Melanoma-Me aims to improve the mental and emotional wellbeing of those affected by melanoma. 

The primary outcome of the project, focused on improving health, has yielded remarkable results. Six individuals have reported significant improvements in their physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing as a direct result of the counselling sessions made possible by the UMi grant. 

Melanoma-Me's overarching theme for this project is Healthy Living, emphasising the importance of promoting overall wellbeing in cancer patients. By targeting mental health and resilience, the organisation aims to create a supportive environment for individuals and their caregivers, ultimately enhancing their quality of life. 

The impact of this grant extends beyond the immediate beneficiaries. The funding has allowed Melanoma-Me to enhance its services, leading to improved mental health and resilience within the wider community of individuals affected by melanoma. The grant has been instrumental in helping the organisation cope with the increasing demand for its services, resulting in reduced waiting times for support. 

This project has also had a positive impact on Melanoma-Me as an organisation. The increased funding has enabled them to handle the surge in referrals more effectively, ensuring that their services reach those in need in a timely manner. Moreover, the project has introduced one new volunteer to the organisation, further strengthening their capacity to support individuals affected by melanoma. 

One of the beneficiaries expressed the profound impact that Melanoma-Me's support has had on their life. An individual diagnosed with melanoma shared: "There was no emotional support available after my melanoma diagnosis. You are offered follow-ups every three months to check your skin, but the emotional impact of a cancer diagnosis is completely debilitating. There was no one to point me in the right direction for support until I came across Melanoma-Me on Facebook." 

Thanks to the UMi donation and the unwavering dedication of Melanoma-Me, individuals battling melanoma now have access to the vital support they need. With a continued commitment to their mission, Melanoma-Me will ensure that these virtual support services persist beyond the life of this grant, providing a lifeline for those affected by malignant melanoma. 

For more information, visit Melanoma-Me.