UMi helps Move the Masses

Move the Masses, a charitable organisation based in Leeds, has received a £2,000 grant from UMi Community Foundation to go towards their transformative Move Mates project. The grant has played a crucial role in benefiting individuals facing challenges leaving their homes, bolstering confidence, and encouraging physical activity through dedicated volunteers who offer companionship during local walks.

One such beneficiary is Sam, who was referred to Move the Masses through a Social Prescribing Service. Sam, currently in recovery from addiction, faced a series of profound losses this year, losing both parents and his only surviving grandparent within a month of each other.

Sam's objective was simple yet powerful: to embark on regular walks and engage in uplifting conversations. His struggle with depression made it difficult for him to motivate himself to go out alone. Over the past three months, Sam has been paired with a dedicated volunteer, and together, they have not only increased the distance of their walks but also explored various routes.

Considering Sam's musculoskeletal issues, particularly with his back, the choice of walking routes requires careful consideration. Having a Move Mate, however, has encouraged Sam to actively plan his walks and be open to suggestions from his supportive volunteer companion. This partnership has not only contributed to Sam's physical well-being but has also served as a crucial aspect of his mental health recovery.

Move the Masses continues to make a positive impact through its Move Mates project, providing vital assistance to individuals like Sam, fostering a sense of connection, and enhancing overall well-being.

For more information about Move the Masses and their projects, click here.