UMi welcomes new neighbours Healthcare Management Trust (HMT) to Navigators Point

UMi’s move to Navigators Point at Belmont Business Park in Durham provided an opportunity to offer a home for another business in the area. HMT, a registered charity delivering not for profit health and social care within England and Wales, seized the chance to move in.

Though several of the team have been in the North for a while, HMT are largely London based with spaces in Romsey and West Wickham, so a location in the North East comes with new potential for the company.

Now HMT has begun growing, the team decided it was time for a more permanent base and believe Navigators Point is the perfect place to start calling home.

It not only fits into their growth plans, but the green nature of the premise is ideal for their commitment to sustainability, innovation and community engagement, ideals which are well aligned to the values of UMi.

Navigators Point will serve as a hub for their central team to collaborate and provide an opportunity to further the charity’s plans to enhance healthcare services.

Dr Nichola Stefanou, Chief Executive Officer at HMT said: “We are excited to have joined forces with UMi in our pursuit of a more sustainable office base. This partnership supports our growth plans, and it’s great to have partnered with an organisation that has very similar values to HMT.”

Nicki Clark, Chief Executive Officer at UMi said: “We are delighted to welcome the team from HMT as housemates at our home in Durham. The values of our two companies are really well aligned, so it’s great that not only do we share a desire to help others but also the roof over our heads.

“This is a significant milestone for UMi, with our investment in Navigator’s Point not only being beneficial for ourselves, but now providing wider benefits to the area and people.

UMi is always looking for opportunities to help businesses to do more and go further, so providing a home for a company like HMT to grow and flourish in a way that can enhance the local community is both fulfilling and exciting.