Wheels to Work Initiative Drives Change with help from UMi

UMi Community Foundation has awarded a £5,000 grant to Wheels to Work, a countrywide project, which has significantly impacted individuals living in poverty. The grant helped provide them with access to employment opportunities previously out of reach due to transportation barriers.

The grant was vital in covering essential operational expenses, including office rent, communication services, and insurance, ensuring the smooth functioning of the project. While certain budget items experienced variations due to pandemic-related disruptions, the project's core activities, such as providing subsidised moped hire, remained consistent throughout the crisis.

The grant's impact on beneficiaries and the wider community has been great. Individuals who previously faced obstacles in accessing employment opportunities have found a pathway out of poverty, with over half of them transitioning from reliance on benefits to earning their own income. One such benefactory stated “Wheels to Work is a brilliant scheme; it has helped me keep my job and built my confidence. I would have never dared to ride a motorcycle if I hadn't heard of Wheels to Work. The communication from both the staff at Wheels to Work and Ace Motorcycles was excellent—they were always there to help if I ever had a problem. Thank you all."

The Wheels to Work scheme has not only benefited individual service-users but has also had ripple effects throughout the community. Increased employment levels contribute to greater local spending, boost community morale, and serve as inspiring examples of success. Furthermore, employment enhances individuals' skills and employability, making them valuable assets to both their current workplaces and potential future employers.

Despite the challenges posed by the Covid-19 pandemic, Wheels to Work successfully navigated service delivery disruptions through targeted communication strategies and continued outreach efforts. Memorable testimonials from service-users underscore the transformative impact of the scheme, highlighting its role in helping individuals maintain their jobs, build confidence, and save money on transportation costs.

As the grant has provided essential support during challenging times, Wheels to Work remains committed to its mission, ensuring continued access to employment opportunities, and fostering economic empowerment for individuals across the country.

For more information about Wheels to Work, click here.